Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is wrong with the Tea Party

I read my colleagues blog "What's With The Tea Party" and wanted to chime in a little. I agree with the observation that they are making noises, but not the kind of noises that would let them win the White House in 2012. First, you have the face of the tea party, Sarah Palin, who quit her job as governor when it got too tough. See calls herself conservative but yet has a daughter who had premarital sex in her house.

She does not agree with what the Obama Administration is doing, and talks about how politicians take money in contribution for votes but yet she asks for thousands of dollars in speaking fees. She made over a million dollars in a year. How conservative is that.

I don't think the Tea Party's actions are compatible to what they say. They say they are not racist but yet every time there is a rally, they hold "monkey" signs with our President's face. They say they love our nation and yet can't even give our President the respect he deserves. You do not have to agree with his actions but as a citizen of this country, we should at least respect our commander in chief.

My colleague's blog seemed to be a little vague about what his stance were on with certain politycal views. He leans towards republicans and he should have realized that the tea party is just a smaller party of the republican. Eventually the tea party movement will emerge with the conservative republicans, since they really do not have an emerging leader.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Immigration and Perry

I read this article "Perry: AZ law 'not right for Texas" in which Gov. Perry states he "understands" why Arizona passed this law to allow police officers to check on the status of a person's residency, but it is not for Texas. His staements tells me that he is trying to play both sides of the fence. On one side he wants to support his Republican Party's efforts to be tough on illegal immigration, but he also realizes that he is in the middle of a election.

I understand why Arizona passes their own laws, since year after year our federal government refuses to take on immigration reform. Arizona has also seen an increased in border violence and they are just trying to protect their citizens from being attacked.

I also see where Perry is coming from. He is in the middle of election year and needs to be able to say, I am for securing our border but our police force should not be checking on status of residency, when they could be enforcing the criminal elements. Isn't being an illegal immigrant a criminal offense? I think so.

The bigger picture is that our federal government needs to take on immigration reform and pass laws that States could follow. It is not a popular topic but it needs to be done. What are we paying Congress for? Tax payers pay them to take on hard topics and pass laws so we could follow them, not just show up and say I am here, pay me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Health Insurance For All

Reading the blog "With Liberty and Health Care for All" you would think having health insurance is a burden. What I find interesting is that the author talks about people barely not being able to make ends meet much less be able to pay for heath insurance. What the blog does not say is that if a person makes less than a certain income then the govt. will help pay for the insurance. It is like the Children's Health Insurance that we now have.

I agree with the author that it is unfair to ask our citizens to pay a penalty for not having insurance but right now we are paying for the uninsured as it is. People who go to emergency rooms without insurance still get seen and it's us taxpayers who get stuck with the bill. I do not see why we can't shift some of the burden to people and make them have some kind of health insurance.

It is not fair for tax payers to pay for medicaid for an illegal immigrant who comes into the U.S and have their kids here, but we do it because the law states that if a person is born in the United States then they are a automatic citizen, whether or not their parent is a citizen or legal resident of the states.

I do not see the problem with making people carry health insurance like we do with car insurance. You get a ticket and penalize if you do not have car insurance so why can't we do the same with health insurance. It might lessen the burden on the tax payers who do pay taxes.

The author's claim that it would only burden people especially Texans to carry health insurance is a legit one but it does not tell the reality that uninsured people puts more of a burden on tax payers and with Texas having about 45-50% of people uninsured then it's the Texans who have that huge bill to pay.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Politicians Views on Texas Education

I found this article in the Houston news and found it very amusing that two politicians can have two different views about the state of our educational system. Two political partys see things differently. The article "Perry, White differ on state of education in Texas" is an amusing read about how Gov. Perry can actually say with an honest face that texas kids are getting a great education. He states that the education system is getting better every year and it's because of an increased accountability. I am not too sure what schools he is talking about, but privates schools that his kids go to do not count.

Perry also goes on to say that if you are going to tear down Texas then we don't want you. So what he is trying to convey is, if you are someone who points out Texas's fault then you are not allowed in Texas. How about pointing out that under his watch the education system has failed alot of children and he is not doing enough to help these kids compete in a global market.

Our high school drop out is high and yet our state government waats to tell people that we are doing ok. We have kids that lack the reading, writing and math skills to compete with other nations, who I might add spend less than us on education.

Maybe Governor Perry needs to send his kids to a public school and see how far they go. I bet he gets it then.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jason Embry's Blogs

I found Jason Embry's blogs in the Austin Statesman. I found him to be very informative and direct with his blogging. His blogs at times do seem like he is trying to be far and impartial. He gives great information and logical explanations to his critiques.

His informative blog on the health care reform was one of the best I have seen. It gave an excellent format to what the health care reform was all about and where to find certain information that would make it easier to understand the complicated maze.

I liked his fairness to give both sides their due process, but there were times when I did find him, putting his views on certain subjects. I must admit, it is his blog and he is entitle to put his personal views on line.

Over all his blog is one of the fairest and most informative blogs I have come across. It's almost like an informative platform for him to let the readers know what is going on.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Governor Perry and the Ex-Convicts

I am not very fond of some of the choices that Gov. Perry has made for the state of Texas, but I did find an article in the Austin Statesman where their editorial board and I could agree on something that Gov. Perry have done right.

The article " Don't Knock Texas Gov. Perry for throwing ex-offenders a lifeline" is an interesting read. The article states that Gov. Perry campaign party has hired ex-convicts as part time workers. The editorial board agrees with what Gov. Perry had done and states that ex-offenders whom have served their time and fulfilled their legal obligations deserves a second chance.

I agree with the board that ex-offenders who have done everything that the state of Texas has required them to do should get an opportunity to regain their right to vote and work. The board has some great points to why Gov. Perry has done the right thing in allowing ex-convicts to work on his campaign.

The only suggestion I would make is that the editorial board could make clearer whether these ex-convicts crimes are non violent are or they violent crimes. Readers would like to know whether the ex-convicts crimes are considered non violent or are they offensive to the public.

The article was well written and it articulated its point without being too bias to one side.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gay Divorce In Travis County

This article is important to read because it will one day reflect how Texas judges will view the changes in Texas. The article "Gay divorce in Travis County granted" is a recommended read. The attorney general is fighting the ruling but I do think this is the first step towards Texas recognizing same sex marriage.

Same sex marriage is a very controversial subject and the ruling makes it obvious that it will remain a hot topic.